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Feeling discouraged and confused

about your next steps in life?

Gain the confidence, clarity and practical strategies to make transformative and lasting changes to get you unstuck in life.

Moving forward and achieving your God-created potential is within your reach with my

Get Up, Girl, Let’s Go: Getting Unstuck, Living Free
12-week live virtual group coaching program.

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  • I feel my circumstances will never change, I’ve lost hope.
  • My life feels like a maze, I’m making little progress in accomplishing my dreams.
  • I spend too much time in my head telling myself what I haven’t done.
  • I feel uncomfortable with establishing healthy boundaries in relationships for the fear of confrontation or rejection.

Well, it’s just not real! These limiting stories can be removed to open up a life of fulfillment beyond measure.


Would you love if someone just held your hand in partnership and supported you in developing actionable strategies to overcome each obstacle you face?

With God's guidance, a logical order, timeframe, accountability and support, you can focus on fulfilling your transformation.

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Here's What You Can Expect

  • 12 Weeks Of Guided Group Coaching
  • Live Small Group Sessions
  • Journaling
  • Assessment
  • Life Mapping
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Get Up, Girl, Let's Go:

Getting Unstuck, Living Free Group Coaching Course


This God-help 12-week live coaching experience works in companion with the printed book as an interactive program.

It offers thought provoking questions, reflective journaling, exercises, stories, testimonials, devotions, prayer, and Bible study to dig into Scripture and deeply engage the mind and heart.

“Move past your stuck areas and any roadblocks keeping you from moving forward.”

"Now listen, daughter, pay attention, and forget about your past. Put behind you every attachment to the familiar, even those who once were close to you!"

– Psalm 45: 10


You could be on track to be the woman God has called you to be but you are...

Unsure where to start.

Not sure you can make the investment of time or money to get there.

Procrastination has a hold on you - you need accountability/coaching.

Feeling small or unworthy.

If you feel you've tried everything...

Read several self-help books but are left with no tangible direction or means for continued motivation.

Participation in women’s groups provide temporarily relief but require consistency and time commitment.

Fellowship with girlfriends is helpful for venting and well-meaning but unresolving comfort.

Ministry that provides helpful insights but hasn’t helped you put the finger on what you can do to resolve your specific challenge.

What if discovering your healing through God’s word was at your fingertips? 

Gain Clarity

Understand the root cause of cycles and unproductive behavior.

Guided Exercises

Learn practical ways to eliminate destruction patterns.

Tangible Action

Create a personal roadmap to keep you focused and accountable in achieving your goals.

Coaching Package Includes


Get Up , Girl, Let's Go: Getting Unstuck, Living Free Book


The foundation for and companion to the coaching sessions in a tangible format that you can always refer to for reminders, guidance and inspiration.

Bonus 2

Get Up, Girl, Let's Go Journal


Pointed and purposefully guided notes to remind you of your progress and goals.

Bonus 3

Declarations & Scriptures


10 Get Up, Girl, Let's Go declarations and scriptures for your reflection and inspiration on how to remain unstuck.

Bonus 4

Get Up, Girl, Let's Go Canvas Bag


A sleek printed canvas bag reminding you to get up and go!

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Be set free for the purpose God has for you and live an abundant life!

  • Learn practical ways to eliminate destructive patterns.
  • Face your fears.
  • Discover where your stuck started.
  • Gain tools to overcome obstacles.
  • Strengthen through reflections, scriptures, and prayers.
  • Deepen your connection with God.

What are the benefits?

  • Learn to experience God in a deeper way so you can trust him to change your circumstances. 
  • Eliminate thought patterns so that you can overcome overthinking, insecurities and being negative about yourself.
  • Triumph over fear, shame and guilt to experience healthy relationships.
  • Understand your heavenly identity to stop people pleasing.
  • Learn how to surrender to God, release the anxiety of trying to figure out your issues on your own.
  • Overcome trust issues so you can develop healthy relationships after repeated disappointments.
  • Gain a fresh perspective about your past and the potential of your future.
  • Understand the importance of living authentically and vulnerably so that you can effectively communicate your desires.
  • Quiet the inner self-critic and discover your compassionate self.

Sue B.

"I love and adore her, and I am deeply grateful to have her in my life.

Joyce B.

"She's a mentor to many women and a leader by nature and an awesome teacher.

Lolita N.

I’m forever grateful for my mentor Tracy and I am continuing to be Mentored by her and loving every minute of it, in expectation of more growth Spiritually and Naturally.

Who Is Tracy Hester?

For the past ten years, I have been committed to serving, teaching, and encouraging women about God's beautiful plan for their lives. I have learned the importance of living out my faith daily. As I faced and overcame many trials, tests, and disappointments in my personal life, I became very aware of the restoration journey God had for me. Those experiences have equipped me with a deep tenderness for women who find themselves in similar stuck situations.

I use my experiences to hold hope for women stuck emotionally, relationally, or spiritually. This hope gives a safe space for you to face and heal from whatever you are going through with support, friendship, accountability, and prayer. You don't have to walk alone or feel you don't know where to go for help.

In addition, my commitment and fervent zeal for pleasing the Lord serve to uplift and inspire others to pursue an intimate relationship with God because that is where true healing happens.

My goal as a Life Coach is to help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and support you as you develop actionable strategies to overcome each obstacle you face. So you can live the abundantly and victorious life God has promised you!


Get Up, Girl, Let's Go:
Getting Unstuck, Living Free

12-Week Live Coaching Program
Early Bird Option - Save $100 when you enroll by October 11.

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Get Up, Girl, Let's Go: Getting Unstuck, Living Free 

 Is for Women Who
  • Are Transitioning After Divorce
  • Have Lost Themselves in a Relationship
  • Are Stuck Due To Fear, Shame, or Guilt
  • Are Dealing with Disappointment
  • Want to Invest in Improving Their Current and Future Life
  • Desire to Grow Emotionally
  • Yearns For A Spiritual Journey with God
If any of these resonate with you

Let’s embark on your journey to get equipped and discover your most

significant potential with bold steps to live out your God-created identity and purpose.


Yes, It Really Works!

Sonya Fenceroy

"My coaching relationship with Tracy can be described as nothing short of life-changing!

Hanna Azaria Barlow

"We love you Tracy & are so grateful for your life changing coaching!!

Marjo K.

"She reminded me to give myself grace as I am a work in progress on my way to becoming the God created version of Marjo aka Marjo 2.0.